About us

We are a group of experienced and certified technicians who carries a vast knowledge of computer issues and peripherals. We are expert in wide range of products and are into tech support industry from more than a decade. Our aim is to provide convenient and most affordable resolution to computer and printer problems and enhance overall user experience. Our core competency is resolving printer problems and related computer issues. Our quality assured service has made us unique in the industry. Our technical team is highly qualified and is comprised of highly certified technicians. Technologically, we do not lack any advancement and that’s why we have millions of satisfied customers worldwide who are enjoying hassle free computing and printing experience.

Our Services

We provide support for all types of printer and computer issues faced by end users and provide affordable resolution to their concerns. For printers, our scope of support is limited to printer driver installation, fixing slow printing issues, new printer setup and configuration, printer network sharing and setup, wireless connectivity problems, printer optimization and maintenance, printer and cartridge alignment, paper jam and paper stuck problems, printer alignment and other functionality problems, drivers compatibility issues, complete uninstallation and reinstallation of printer drivers. We are also proficient in fixing corresponding computer and network issues like computer diagnostic and tune up, virus removal, computer registry cleanup and network reconfiguration.

How we deliver our service?

We deal in online printer support and we provide voice support to fix the printer and computer concerns. Customers usually contact us by the printer support toll free number provided and by the use of licensed remote tools we take the access of customer’s computer and resolve the printer and computer issues. Remote connection is only established after getting customer’s permission and data privacy guidelines are followed on each and every call to ensure data theft protection. After resolving the issue, resolution confirmation from customer is taken to make sure that problem is resolved as per customer’s requirements and satisfaction.

How to Contact Us?

Use our printer support toll free number to get connected whenever you have any concern with the printer or the computer and we will be ready with the resolution. Our technical team has served millions of happy customers till now and have made them smile and completely satisfied on each interaction. Our certified technicians are committed to provide quick resolution every single time they are given a task of fixing the problem.