Kyocera Corporation, a respected Japanese multinational company, specializes in producing high-quality printing solutions. They offer various printer types, including laser, inkjet, and multifunction models, to cater to different printing requirements for individuals and businesses. Printers have become an essential tool in today’s digital world, facilitating smooth workflows in home and office settings. They are crucial for producing hard copies of documents, photos, and other materials, ensuring that important information is easily accessible and shareable.

Many users encounter issues with their printers, with one of the most frequently reported problems being the printer showing offline. When users notice their Kyocera printer is offline, it can disrupt their workflow and cause delays in completing tasks. This blog post aims to help users understand why their Kyocera printer says offline and provide practical guidance on troubleshooting and fixing the issue. When you address the question, “Why does my Kyocera printer say offline?” we hope to empower users with the knowledge and tools to resolve this common problem and ensure a more seamless printing experience.

Kyocera Printer Offline Error – Reasons

kyocera printer offlineThe “Kyocera printer is offline” error occurs when the computer cannot communicate with the printer, disrupting the printing process. When faced with “Kyocera printer is offline“ troubleshooting, users must identify the root cause to resolve the issue effectively. Some of the most Causes of the “Kyocera printer is offline“ error are explained below lines; please read and understand them:

  • Kyocera Printer Connection Problem

    One common reason for a Kyocera printer showing offline is a problem with the connection between the printer and the computer or network. It happens due to loose cables, a weak Wi-Fi signal, or an issue with the router.

  • Kyocera Printer Driver Issue

    Expired, old versions or damaged drivers can cause the “My Kyocera printer is offline” issue, as they facilitate communication between the computer and the printer. Ensuring the printer driver is updated and functioning correctly is crucial for seamless printing.

  • Inappropriate Kyocera Printer Configurations

    Sometimes, a Kyocera printer may appear offline if the computer’s configuration is wrong, such as the wrong printer being set as the default or SNMP settings being disabled.

  • Kyocera Print spooler issues

    The print spooler is responsible for managing print jobs sent to the printer. If it encounters an error, the Kyocera printer offline troubleshooting process may require addressing issues with the print spooler.

It is essential to detect the accurate source of the Kyocera printer showing offline error. You need to know the root reason for the error to solve the problem. But you don’t need to worry about it, as our blog.

How to Fix Kyocera Printer Showing Offline:

kyocera printer showing offlineFacing a “Kyocera printer is offline” issue can obstruct your workflow. Here you will get practical steps to troubleshoot and fix this common problem. Applying these guidelines can restore your Kyocera printer’s functionality and get you back to printing smoothly and efficiently.

  • Check Kyocera Printer Connectivity:

    A common reason for a Kyocera printer showing offline is loose or damaged cables; ensure all cables connecting the printer to the computer or network are secure and in good condition.

  • Verify Kyocera Printer’s Network Connection:

    For wireless Kyocera Printers, my Kyocera printer is offline may indicate a weak Wi-Fi signal or network issue; check the Wi-Fi connection and ensure Kyocera Printer is connected to the correct network.

  • Restart the Kyocera Printer and Router:

    Power cycling Kyocera Printer and router can help resolve connectivity issues, especially when asking, “Why does my Kyocera printer say offline.”

  • Update or Reinstall Kyocera Printer Driver:

    if your printer contains expired or old drivers, it cannot print anything or create a “Kyocera printer is offline” status. Visit the Kyocera website to download the latest driver for your printer model.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall Kyocera Printer Driver:

    Remove the current driver from your computer and install the updated driver you downloaded to address the “Why is my Kyocera printer offline” problem.

  • Restart the computer:

    After updating the driver, restart your computer to ensure the changes take effect.

  • Configure Kyocera Printer Settings:

    Incorrect default Kyocera Printer settings might be causing the Kyocera printer showing offline issue; check Kyocera Printer settings on your computer and set the Kyocera printer as the default.

  • Clear Kyocera Printer’s Print Queue:

    Stuck print jobs can lead to the “my Kyocera printer is offline” error; clearing the print queue can help resolve this issue.

  • Enable SNMP Status:

    Disabling SNMP status can cause the “why does my Kyocera printer say offline” error; enabling it in the printer settings can bring the printer back online.

  • Restart Kyocera Printer Print Spooler Service:

    Press the Windows key + R, type “services.msc” in the Run dialog box, and press Enter to access the Windows Services menu for Kyocera printer offline troubleshooting. Scroll down the list of services to find the Print Spooler service, which is crucial for managing print jobs.

  • Restart the Service:

    Right-click the Print Spooler service, and click “Restart” to address the “Why is my Kyocera printer offline” issue.

  • Check if the Kyocera Printer Is Online:

    After restarting the Print Spooler service, check the printer’s status to see if it is back online and ready for use.

Kyocera Printer Offline Error – Prevention

why does my kyocera printer say offlineYou can prevent Kyocera printer offline by taking some preventive measures given in below lines:

  • Regularly update Kyocera Printer driver:

    Keeping the printer driver updated can help prevent the Kyocera printer showing offline issue, ensuring smooth communication between the printer and the computer. Regularly visit the manufacturer’s website to check for driver updates to avoid the “my Kyocera printer is offline” problem.

  • Maintain the Kyocera Printer’s network connection:

    A stable network connection is crucial for preventing the “why does my Kyocera printer say offline” error, especially for wireless printers. Check the Wi-Fi signal strength, router performance, and printer’s network settings to ensure a strong and consistent connection, reducing the chances of the printer going offline.

  • Keep the Kyocera Printer firmware up-to-date:

    Updated firmware can improve printer performance, fix bugs, and add new features, reducing the chances of encountering printer offline issues. Visit the manufacturer’s website regularly to check for firmware updates, and follow the commands to install them on your Kyocera printer.

  • Schedule regular Kyocera Printer maintenance:

    Regular Kyocera Printer maintenance includes cleaning and inspecting the internal components, and it can help prevent technical issues and ensure optimal performance. Refer to your printer’s user manual for maintenance guidelines and recommended intervals, or consider professional servicing to keep your printer in excellent condition.


Addressing the Kyocera printer offline error is essential for ensuring smooth and uninterrupted printing experiences. Sticking to these troubleshooting guidelines and preventive measures outlined in this blog can minimize the chances of encountering this issue and maintain your Kyocera printer’s performance. For more detailed information and additional support, we encourage you to visit our Kyocera Printer Support article, which offers comprehensive guidance on printer-related topics. Stay informed and keep your Kyocera printer operating at its best.

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