Common Printing Problems and their Solution

Printers are the basic need of a business or an institute. Whether you need to fill up a form to get in the college or you need a hard copy of the page you’re viewing on your computer; you have to use a printer to execute the task. Users may find some common problems while using their printer due to the minor reasons. There are several types of printers available in the market such as black & white, colored, standard resolution based, etc. according to the needs of clients. Some brands offer the printer that serves multipurpose like faxing, scanning along with printing. So, yes! It is darn right that printers have made the men’s life comfortable and beautiful as well. However, you have to take care of your printer from time to time if you wish to get the output properly or without interruption. You need to take care of inkjet and paper section along with the entire machine. We are aware that some printers come with autofill inkjet features and that pretty much relaxing but in that case, you also need to check with the device regularly. The usual problems can be seen among printer users are paper jammed, starting problem, inkjet issues, etc. Thus, to avoid these problems, you have to be cautious about your printers’ inner mechanism. You should clean it regularly while providing a “servicing” to it at a certain period would work for it. Once, you do the cleaning and servicing of your printer; you don’t have to face hard times due to your printer anymore. However, some expensive printers don’t need servicing regularly but the proper cleaning. Apart from the facts of cleaning & servicing, if you still face technical glitches regarding your printer, then you can get help from here since we are delivering some problems’ solutions in this article. We are discussing the paper jams scenario; printer stands still the problem, print looks bad issue, the grating noise situation, and takes too much time to print state. Thus, feel free to read the article if you are concerned about your printer.

My printer stands still while I try to print

Problem: Printer is not printing

This is one of the most sought-after problems along with paper jam seeking to get the solution over the internet among users.


  • You have to check for the right printer as if you are sending the print job to the right printer or not!
  • Make your printer default by right-clicking on your printer icon & selecting it as the default printer on the screen.
  • You have to check the paper tray and fix it if there is any problem with it.
  • Make sure of cable connections as USB or computer linked wired are established or not!
  • Check for the driver installation and fix it if anything is wrong with it.
  • If the above facts are confirmed accurate, then restart your printer.
  • Problem is still on then reboots your printer.
  • Nothing happens again then you have to turn off it & wait for 10 minutes before switching it back on.

This method will make sure that the problem you are encountering with your printer gets eliminated. Thus, if you have difficulties regarding your printer as it does nothing but stands still when you are trying to print documents, then you can try the above steps to resolve it.

My printer takes too much time to print

Problem: Waiting while printing

This problem occurs due to high-resolution system settings, memory settings, & drivers’ installation. But, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore since we got you. You get the instant help from here by applying the steps described below:


  • Switch resolution settings back to high quality
  • Add additional memory
  • Switch to the simplex mode
  • Update the right driver
  • Try PCL for faster printing
  • Use postscript for better graphics
  • Congo! You can now run your printer flawlessly

These ways can help you regarding the issue. Hence, you are welcome to try the steps if you are countering the same problems or the related one. We are more than happy to help you concerning your issue.

My printer stops due to paper jams

Problem: Paper jam

So we have delivered the steps to get rid of slow printing, but the worse problem’s solution is yet to come. The king of all the nightmares regarding printer is the paper jam situation. But, you don’t have to stress yourself about it anymore since you got this article.


  • Remove the paper tray firmly
  • Place it after cleaning in the accurate position
  • Remember to reseat the tray
  • Check for the ink section
  • Remove the paper stack carefully
  • Squared it correctly & place it correctly at its spot
  • Check if the paper is compatible with the printer
  • Remember to store the document to avoid moisture

You can follow this method to resolve the issue of paper jam for your printer. You are good to go, after following the process & that’s just guaranteed. Paper jam is the frustrating thing one has to suffer while printing. Thus, if you have difficulties related to this issue, then you can try the above-detailed steps.

My printer is printing a picture that worth 1000 words

Problem: Bad looking prints

The printer is running flawlessly, but the Output looks terrible. This makes the clients sad due to smudge & poor quality images. It makes the finest documents faded, sloppy, & unprofessional. Thus, you can give a try to the below-mentioned process.


  • Check the driver settings
  • Correct the media & paper selected if found anything
  • Double check the paper loaded in the tray if it matches the printer driver
  • Check for your printer’s Fusers
  • Set it properly so that it remains cool
  • Check for toner cartridges & fix it if anything found
  • Go to imaging unit & fix it if anything found
  • Check for fuser’s damage & fix it
  • To avoid smudge marks print blank pages until it fades away
  • Congratulation! You have done the job successfully.

This way you can quickly fix your printer regarding paper jams. You have to look for everything related to the paper which includes paper tray, fuser, cartridges, the imaging unit, driver settings, & ink section. Once you clean & fix these areas, you will be able to print the documents in the excellent conditions. Hence, give it a try if you need to adjust the wrong prints issue of your printer.

My printer makes harsh noise while printing

Problem: retired technology

This happens due to the outdated technology or old machine. We know that one can be so attached to the device, but you have to let it go. If you need to keep operating for the enhancement of firm or business, then you should let go your old printer. As it gets too old, it will eventually stop working & grating noises are just the beginning. Nevertheless, we are offering some cautions regarding it below.


  • It can cost you big time
  • Outdated printer gives bad impression on the colleagues
  • Old printer won’t work as an advanced one
  • Consider the replacement of it with a new & advanced printer
  • You will see the outstanding printing & later award-winning output

This way you can always continue to operate your business or study for the better future. You can still think about what we have discussed in the above method for a good fortune. This was last but not the least problem regarding printer. Big thanks to all of you guys who have been reading this article based on printer problems & solutions. We are happy to help you regarding any printer issues.